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The truth about retail in London

Have you ever wondered if the internet is having an effect on retail in London? Perhaps as we pass empty stores we worry about the economic climate, as we contemplate that perhaps the store is empty because we have all turned to internet buying. But there are some interesting facts from London's Economic Plan that suggests that in London this is not the case.

For example 40% of all money spent in London was spent in Retail stores. Retail provides over 400,000 jobs in London of which the largest type of specialist retail shops are clothing shops that also provide in excess of 78,000 jobs. which is the equivalent of about 9% of all employment in the metropolitan area.

In terms of established retail stores there are many stores that have remained in London for many years. This includes Penhaligons: Established in 1870, Penhaligon is a niche store selling exclusive scents, toiletries, grooming products and colognes. The store resembles a traditional English barber shop, a take off from the times when the store started off from a barber shop.

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We have also worked with several blue chip retailers, whose brands are well established not only in London, but all over the world. Cutler and Gross (glasses store), Godiva (fine chocolates) and Thomas Lyte.

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It's great to know that the retail industry remains strong in the UK in London and that the high street still holds it's place strong.

C and S Ltd aim to assist in sustaining the retail industry in why not let us tender to help your company maintain or gain it's status in London.