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The Restaurant Design Show

As a restaurant fit out contractor, it was pretty imperative that we turned up at The Restaurant Design show...and it was a good job we did. With many restaurant design companies exhibiting it was the ideal show for us to find partners to ensure our clients are always given the best service and an appropriate referral from C and S Ltd.
The Restaurant Design Show

Restaurant Design Show at Excel

The restaurant market is unique. Creating just the right ambience, menu and supplying the right number of covers is a challenge to ensure maximum profitability. Thankfully C and S Ltd have a great deal of experience in the restaurant fit out and refurbishment market and have had the pleasure of working with a number of fantastic designers that can offer a variety of different designs based on the clients brief.

C and S Ltd recently completed a restaurant refurbishment in London on Mark Lane for Caffe Vergnano. The design involved putting a live tree in the middle of a table. It looked extremely contemporary when it was finished.

The relationship between designer and contractor is one of significant importance if the client is to receive exactly what they want for their restaurant, not only is it key that the two parties can work together, but also that they appreciate each others roles and the limitations of the design to ensure that it can completed on budget and on time.

Tree in Fit Out in London A visit to The Restaurant design show allowed us to meet with new designers and to see some of their works and hear about some of their clients and their expectations. We also met with some new franchisee opportunities for various new restaurant opportunities, again these contacts are extremely helpful in the fit out and refurbishment of restaurants in London or any major town or city in the uk.

The Restaurant design show not only provides us with the opportunity to meet with designers but also to understand what type of new technology is being introduced into the restaurant market, making it easier for us to work with our new clients.

We really enjoyed the show and look forward to working with some of the new contacts we made.

If you are looking for a fit out or refurbishment for a restaurant that you have already had designed then we would be delighted to offer you a competitive quote.

If you are looking for a restaurant fit out or refurbishment and need the designs completing, then why not get in touch then we can recommend a designer to suit your brief.

We have worked with many national companies too that have their own in house design teams and are looking for a roll out program.

It may interest you to know that C and S Ltd not only fit out and refurbish restaurants but we also have a small works and maintenance department that can provide a service of anything from changing a wall, to replacing a kitchen to fixing a broken lock on a door. Perhaps you would like a restaurant contractor in London? If so we are here to help.