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What does 2017 have in store for our ever changing offices?

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We have all read many articles about our changing offices and how technology and our changing world of communication is having an effect of the traditional office – but how far will it go?

Crazy office designsWith crazy golf, office pods, table tennis, upside down rooms, slides instead of stairs, post it note walls, bean bags, free lunches, blow up wall dividers, indoor swings and carousels, indoor caravan offices, beach hut offices inside and wood carved reception desks – Where can we go from here – how bizarre do we have to make our offices to attract the top personnel. Perhaps a weightless room or trampolining room how crazy must things be to get our creative minds going?

Many employees are already starting to make many changes to their office and designers are bringing in more and more elements, that not only show our change in working patterns to a more co-working environment but also considering environmental issues, sometimes without even knowing it.


As many designers know when building an office suitable for the any company. It is not just a matter of creating a functional space, other things must be considered, brand perception and creating a positive flexible working environment helping to improve employees commitment to their work.

With the development of co-working spaces in many offices there has been a definite shift over the last few years from an attitude of “my space” to “our space” This not only helps to encourage the feeling of team work in an working environment but it also breaks down the hierarchy feel that is often created in companies and can result in intimidation, hindering work performance.

Companies are discovering that a flexible approach to working conditions will often result in employees being more flexible about their working restrictions, I know myself the number of times I have responded to emails on my days off or our of hours, because I am fortunate enough to have the freedom of a flexible working environment.

This often results in employees dedicating more to the role than they are initially employed to do.

It has been well documented that employees like to understand their contribution to a company and the openness of the office will promote open working ethics helping employees not only feel that what they contribute is important but also that they have worth in the company that they work for.


Many designers are using the ‘urban look’ in offices with exposed ceilings and sandblasted brickwork. A shift to the industrial looking office means a move away from using materials such as suspended ceilings and exposed brick works reduce the need for plasterboard and paint. This all adds up to helping the environment.

The move to an urban design had led to an improvement in materials used. Many reclaimed and natural sourced products are now specified. E.g scaffold boards on the walls.

PIR lighting is now often specified for corridors and bathrooms in order to keep energy costs down.

Grass walls are another ‘in trend’ at the moment, adding a touch of environmentally friendly flare to office fit outs and refurbishments.

With the current lighting specs of new lights the environment has never been so looked after, offices offer recycling bins and paper copies and physical filing is almost a thing of the past.

Serviced offices

As many companies are still urging on the air of caution with current global economic activity the demand for serviced offices is ever increasing and it doesn’t look likely that it will slow down in 2017.

An article completed by Gryphon Property Partners quotes Philip Grace, who states that whereas in the past serviced offices were often seen by landlords as a last resort, their opinions have been changing as they realised the benefits of having serviced offices in their buildings.

“It was said many times, ‘it could wear my building out’ or ‘it’s the tenant of last resort’. Now proven not to be the case, serviced offices inflated traditional office demand last year and, it could be said, has propped up the property market for the last three years.

During 2015, we saw strong growth in workstation rates, fuelled by strong demand and a growing economy. Today there is a great deal of choice in the sector, from Regus and LEO to WeWork, meaning ‘one size, one style’ no longer fits all.

With such strong growth in the serviced office industry over the last five years and high demand from clients in late 2015, similar to that which the market experienced pre-Lehman, the sector has enjoyed a boom.”

Office fit out and refurbishment tech city in LondonCo working

Tech companies are renowned for operating in co-working space, this is largely because there are many small start up tech companies, often as individual people looking for some companies as they work. Companies such as Central Working have made a success out of these type of businesses where they offer co-working spaces for a set number of hours per month on a membership scheme. The Tech belt in the city has progressed rapidly over the last few years as rents were considered cheaper and a degree of clustering occurred from the Tech companies. However in more recent times, Tech companies have started to move away from Shoreditch as rents have been rapidly rising. It will be interesting to see what happens in Shoreditch in 2017.


The costs of changing your office space can be all dependant on the budget available. It really doesn’t cost much to change the colour of a wall or to remove a few office partitions to create a larger co working space. And these days because of contractors flexible working hours, it means this work can be completed outside of the working day ensuring that disruption to your office is minimal.

The future

So where will offices go to in 2017, I think we are looking at an increase in demand for quality serviced and co-working offices that allow companies the freedom to choose co-working spaces and open planned working conditions without the investment of having to convert their own offices, or for those companies with long lease agreements I think the future holds an approach of maintaining employee motivation and brand perception through office design.

So why not consider some works to your offices, C and S Ltd work in office refurbishment and office fit out in London and can tackle any project from 2k to £2 million? We are talented Office Contractors working in London, so why not give us a call.

Let’s all work together to make the offices of 2017 a nicer place to work.