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Technology stimulates our minds at a new level...isn't it time our offices did the same?

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Technology stimulates our minds at a new level...isn't it time our offices did the same?

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As technology screams at us from every angle to work faster, smarter and longer hours, it is time for us to consider such developments when looking at the environment in which we work.

These days staff retention plays a big role in office design, something which was rarely considered in the past. After all you don't hear anyone at Google complaining about their working environment!

Office layout

Many offices still have rows of desks in one open plan office, with low level dividers separating the team. This encourages communication between colleagues, but is not always the most productive method to get the most out of your team as everyone works differently. Taking your teams working habits and requests into consideration is key to a happy and productive working environment. Individual seating areas, private rooms, small discussion areas, creative areas, relaxation areas are all part of the everyday office of the 2010's. Does your office cater for all your teams needs?

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Office design

Not everyone would want to work in an environment where the walls are made of grass and the stairs are a plastic slide. However, a lot can be said for the design of an office.  A simple change of colour to offer a brighter environment can make a big difference when it comes to motivating your team. If you have experienced the excitement in the office when the company invests in a new coffee machine, imagine how they will feel if the office gets redesigned.

The balance of home and office working

Allowing employees the opportunity to work from home and  in an office can have a number of benefits for a company. The company can employ more staff through the use of hot desks and careful planning of when staff are in the office. This allows a company to expand even when they have run out of space in the office. A few physical changes to the office can allow the team to grow and the office environment to change to accommodate a new transient workforce. It also allows the workforce to feel trusted, which will ultimately be returned with their loyalty.

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Thinking time

It is easy to forget the importance of thinking time, but the most productive team members are often those who get time to think about strategy. Providing a creative environment for staff members to break away from their usual space can benefit the company in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of its employees.

The cost implications

Having worked in the fit out industry for many years, we often hear of the upturn In staff production once an office has been refurbished. I guess it's a bit like when you redecorate a room in your house - you suddenly find yourself spending more time in that room than you did before. So in terms of initial outlay there is of course a cost which is relevant to the design, however the upturn in business and staff productivity can pay for this initial outlay overtime.

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