You are here: Home News Healthcare News It doesn’t matter whether it’s a private hospital or a NHS hospital when it comes to standards.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a private hospital or a NHS hospital when it comes to standards.

Whether you are sat in a waiting room, with expensive wallpaper and designer leather chairs, or a waiting room with painted walls and plastic chairs, you still notice if there is a piece of wallpaper peeling or a scuff on the wall or one of the legs on the chairs is wonky. It doesn’t matter what environment you are sat in, the important thing is, is that standards are maintained.

In the Healthcare industry , as a patient, one of my main standard expectations is a clean environment where I am given the impression that bacteria is unable to grow.  A clean well kept hospital makes me feel comfortable the hospital is kept in good order and therefore is safe for me to get better or have my treatment in.

The development of sites and reconfiguration of areas in a healthcare establishment is not always perceived as a bad thing by clients; admittedly it may be an inconvenience if it affects the area where the patient is having to wait, however most people accept that change and progress are not only necessary, but are a positive thing. The way this is conducted by the contractor can help the smoothness of the transition. Constant communication with the patients allows their expectations to be managed and therefore ensures their understanding ,and often delight, when they return and the works are all completed and they are faced with a new, fresh and clean reception area, or new consulting room.


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As Tax payers, there are very few people who would argue the benefits of the NHS, we all like to see our money being invested wisely. Bearing this in mind, healthcare establishments may consider investing in energy saving devices such as PIR lighting and re lamping to ensure the life of a light bulb is prolonged.

Keeping our hospitals well maintained, compliant and functional is generally perceived as a good way to invest tax payers money.

C and S Ltd and C|S|M work together to be able to offer fit out, refurbishment, small works and maintenance for all Healthcare and Dental establishments. We ensure that sites are kept compliant and can help with dilapidation and reconfiguration works too.

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Hospital, care home and healthcare refurbishment and fit out are all completed by the C and S Ltd team.

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