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Why a dental customers experience matters.

It's all about what a customers feels when they come into a dental practice that makes the difference. From the colours on the wall, to the messages the posters are displaying, everything is taken to to provide a complete experience. Make sure your dental practice offers a good one. Dental Contractors, Dentistry, London Dental Contractors, Dental Fit Out, Dental Refurbishment, Dental practices

Just recently I moved house and that meant changing my dentist. The dental practice at my old house was a private dentist practice with NHS patients. It was beautifully designed with automatic doors upon arrival, a bespoke reception desk made of a warm wood and glass top, a contemporary office chair for the receptionist, a clean altro floor with a logoed coir maDental Trauma Unit London Refit refurbishment fit-outt in a mat well to wipe your feet. There was an umbrella stand in the corner and pictures of things nothing to do with dentistry (which was good news for me as I don’t want to be faced with lots of people with beautiful, perfect smiles all the time when I go to the dentist). The waiting area offered comfortable sofas, carpets, a designer coffee table and magazines for the month I was visiting. There was also a bowl full of complimentary toothpaste samples for you to help yourself to. The waiting area was decorated in ‘calm living room’ colours, and there was no evidence of wear and tear anywhere in the building even though the refit was approximately 15 years old. The toilets offered an area to clean your teeth and complimentary toothpaste, and it was never longer than 5 minutes without being given an update as to when my appointment would be.


My new dental practice is also a practice that caters for both private patients and NHS patients. The door sticks as you open it. It has an old white painted door where the paint looks like it is 20 coats thick. The coir matting inside is old, worn and not fitted inside a mat well. The altro flooring is worn and dirty. There are coat hooks on the wall, but one is missing from the row. The wallpaper in the hall is scuffed and peeling in one corner. The reception area is small, which is understandable as the building is not large, but upon entrance most of the room is taken up with the reception desk with only a small area left for the waiting chairs. The waiting room chairs are made of metal with a padded seating area. They resemble the designs from the 80’s, even though they were probably bought in recent years. The walls are covered in posters of people with big beautiful smiling faces and other posters surround the walls on notice boards that make me feel guilty whenever I look at them about whether I am eating the right things or brushing for long enough and hard enough. There are adverts displaying that there are samples of toothpaste available from behind the reception if you ask (which clearly I will not be doing). The toilet offers a tiny sink that I can just about wash my hands in let alone bend down to rinse my mouth out once I have brushed my teeth.  And there are limescale marks in the sink where the tap has been dripping.Curved lines in refurbished dental surgery

The point of explaining these two very different environments is when I was told by each location that I would be requiring an implant that would cost me £2700, I reacted very differently. When I was told this news by my old dentist, apart from the initial shock and the need to blame my parents for giving me such soft teeth, I reluctantly agreed to the procedure, after all if I was going to have to have it done, then this dentist seemed as good as any. So why I ask myself was it that when I was told the same news in my new dentist, I went to three other practices to ask if they could complete the implant first?

What I am trying to explain is that customer experience has a direct impact on where we are happy to spend our money, and after all, how many people do we know that like having money spent at the dentist?  Not that many in my contact list.

I was reasonably happy to part with my money in the dentist environment that was more customer friendly, but the thought of having to spend such a large sum with a dentist that didn’t offer such services made me turn elsewhere.

I believe there is an opportunity for dentists to make a real difference to their clients experience and their bottom line by ensuring  they have well designed and well maintained practices.

C and S Ltd specialise in the fit out and refurbishment of dental practices in London and other major cities in the UK. We work with our clients to ensure that their customer experience encourages them to commit to the more costly procedures, rather than with their competitors, allowing them to enjoy, as far as possible, a task that is often seen as a chore.

Let us take some of the pain your clients feel when it comes to parting with their money.

Our services include dental practice design, bespoke cabinetry, joinery, reception, decontamination rooms, x-ray rooms, acoustic and sound proofing, refit, refurbishment, maintenance, compliance, small works, office and dental room reconfiguration, toilet refurbishment, gas and oxygen works, shopfronts and signage.

In short we can offer you all the services you need to either complete a full refurbishment or a handyman or compliance service in terms of maintenance to make sure that your building isn’t letting down the services you already offer.

Why not drop me a line so we can discuss your needs. We can show you how why we are talented Dental Contractors in London

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