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What steps to take when thinking of a shop or restaurant refit

Many people call us not knowing where to start when they want to launch their own shop or restaurant. So we've decided to help our with a simple step by step guide to help break down the stages of setting up a new shop or restaurant.

Once you have decided on your concept and have completed your research into your target market and competitors, it's time to start looking for a suitalbe property that fits your criteria.

In terms of refit it is always a financial advantage if you can find a property that is in good condition with the layout generally suiting your requirements.

Once you have started to negotiate the lease, it is time to start talking to an architect or designer who can help put all of your ideas down onto paper for you so that a shopfitting company such as ourselves have a clear understanding of what it is you are trying to achieve. Although this may mean you investing some money with the architect before signing the lease. It will probably be worth it in terms of minimising downtime as soon as you get the keys. You don't want to be paying rent on a property that is not being used. They will also be able to advise you if you will need planning permission or building control involvement for your plans.

Once C and S ltd receive the drawings we will take approximately 2-3 weeks to return a quote to you based on the drawings you have provided.  Once you are happy with the quote for the works and the plans are all correct to your design, it is time to get C and S ltd in to complete your refit. - Try to negotiate a rent free period - this way you do not end up paying for the lease during the period C and S ltd are in completing your refurbishment works restricting your ability to make an income.

C and S ltd will provide you with a programme of works so you will be aware of how long we will be on site and how long it will be before you have your shop/restaurant ready to go.

C and S Ltd are Restaurant Contractors in London.

Shopfitters usually ask for an upfront percentage of the cost of the works to assist in their costs of pre-ordering materials or counters etc, this is often followed by an interim payment and finally a final account payment, that is paid once the store/restaurant is all finished to an agreed level of satisfaction.

C and S ltd like to form a partnership with all of our clients we like to look as our projects as everyone working together as a team to achieve one common goal - A stunning finished project offering good value for money. We work closely with all our clients to achieve this goal and if you take a look at some of our testimonials you'll see why C and S ltd pride themselves in being one of the best shopfitting companies in London.

So if you are thinking of setting up anew shop or restaurant please give us a call and we will help you through every step of the way.