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Specialist Restaurant Interior Fit-Out in London

If you want iconic London then Camden's a good place to start. At the Market restaurant our brief was to create a visual feast, an interior that was unique, comfortable and as iconic as Camden. We stripped out the old restaurant, bar, kitchen and started again. The plaster was removed from the walls to expose old London bricks, these were sand blasted and gave the restaurant an instantly unique interior. To complement this we added an oak floor and left it with an oiled finish so that over time it would develop a patina of its own. Some interior "specialist" contactors use this phrase because they assume that it is all about putting up plasterboard and some of the time it is. However at C&S Ltd we still take pride in the traditional skills in shopfitting These skills let our contractors create something truly unique on site - and Market Restaurant was a project where we could do that. This restaurant was worked on top to bottom and we installed new power, lighting, flooring, decoration, seating and celings. The best part of the interior were the zinc wrapped table tops and old wooden school chairs and counter. All different, some new, some old but all working well to create that unique restaurant interior - a special place created using the skills of a specialist interior company - C&S Ltd.