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Refurbishment of an existing restaurant

Chilango Restaurant - Upper Street, Islington, London

After completing Chilango's in Fleet Street, the Company realised that now they were working with one of London's best shopfitting contractors so they could really push the boat out. We refurbished their existing restaurant in Upper Street, London fitting it out with corian counters, new commercial kitchen , new floor covering and decoration throughout. The lighting and power was changed to give the restaurant a truly bespoke look and feel. As with all commercial interiors, air conditioning was installed through out. To ensure that the interior met the highest standards, all of the doors were upgraded to fire doors and a new fire alarm system was installed. The programme was absolutely insane and we accomplished this in 12 days and to add to our workload we also carried out some structural alterations and swapped the shop front as well. Anybody who understands restaurant interiors as we do, will realise just how big a challenge this was. It just goes to show that, with a very determined team, you can achive the most amazing interiors in a very short space of time.