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Innovative Restaurant Interior Fit-out in Steel City

We had thought that the restaurant in Fleet street London was bold until we saw the plans for Chilangoes Restaurant interior fit-out in The Meadowhall Centre Sheffield. Even with our many years of experience, we didn't realise that any commercial interior or restaurant could be this fantastic!

It is true that all interiors start life as all other projects - partitioning, suspended ceilings, floor coverings, decorating, air conditioning, lighting, power - however then you need to add the X factor... you know, the items that turn your restaurant into a stunning bespoke interior. We added concrete vanity units wire mesh suspended ceilings, pink corian, pink leather banquette seating, resin flooring, tiling, polished concrete tiles, a massive shopfront and enough bespoke joinery to meet anyone's requirements. These transformed the interior of this restaurant into the most exciting commercial interior that we have ever created. It was more amazing than any other office interior, retail interior or healthcare interior and we should know... we have built enough of them!

London is our playground and although some shopfitters habitually travel the country, we don't. To get one of the best shopfitting contractors in London out of London you know that the project will be good. As interior projects go, this was the most bespoke, unique item we have ever created. Who else could give you a concrete entrance portall, with a pink corian shroud, hidden lighting and a secret roller shutter and all of this is slap bang in the middle of a 15m wide glass shopfront?! To create this magnificent interior, there is a massive amount of hidden structural steel, all neatly fitted in pockets in the walls, tucked behind the bespoke finishes. The steel staircase leads up to a mezzanine floor, an item quite common in commercial or industrial interiors, however this one was as unique as the rest of the interior because it had no steel in it. This was the first wooden mezzanine floor we have ever built in 20 years. On top of this floor we built booth seating, with pink laminate ceilings and walls, hidden recessed lighting and tables that where fixed to the glass fronts of the booths. This is about as cutting edge as it gets for interiors and one of the best from one of Londons best shopfitting contractors!