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Cost-effective Shopfitting for a London Restaurant

The owner of Coast restaurant saw The Market restaurant and knew immediately that he wanted to employ us for his restaurant fit out. Having created one restaurant interior in Camden London, creating another one in the same road was a treat! Some designs and interiors just work and this is true of some shopfitters - you can drop them into any environment - healthcare, retail, education, industrial and they can just deal with it. Along the way we have created interiors, fitted out, refurbished entire buildings in all of these sectors and have gathered a wealth of knowledge. The owner of Coast restaurant did not have a huge budget and we still managed to create something unique for him as a restaurant interior. Using all of our experience as shopfitting contractors we advised on cost effective floor and wall finishes but still gave him Corian topped tables and a big open planned kitchen so that guests get exposed to the theatre of the kitchen. This blend of experience helped us point him in the right direction and although we did install new ceilings, new walls, new flooring and new commercial kitchen it was all done with an eye on the budget! This interior fit out for Coast restaurant is as robust and eye catching as many others costing much, much more and I believe that this proves that working in partnership with your shopfitter when it comes to interiors of all types will pay dividends in the long run.