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Bespoke restaurant refit in Paddington

Comptoir Libanais- Paddington, London

At the completion of Westfield shopping centre, the food court had a few casualties, not just unfinished but not approved by the Landlord. While Ooze Risotteria (see above) was completed on time by C&S and met the high standards set by the Landlord, the Westfield Comptoir restaurant was not so lucky. As C&S had proven itself at Westfield, the owner of Comptoir approached us to refurbish their existing restaurant in Paddington. Although small it was packed with all kinds of finishes - hand made tiles on the floor, a bespoke food counter with a hot section and a chilled section, all finished in black corian. The counters and remaining joinery were all bespoke in the true sense of the word and all carefully fitted into the recesses that are typical of an old London property. The property is linked to the hotel above it and we carried out all of this work without disturbing the guests once. As you can see on our Gallery page we created a stunning restaurant interior that also had a small retail section. We were proud of the work we carried out as a true test of our experience.

Although we completed our side of the works delivering a restaurant with an amazing interior we were not paid - this was all achieved with sleight of hand and dishonesty. If you are planning to work with TONY KITOUS or ATIF AMIN can I advise that you walkaway, however promising it appears they have done this to others as well.