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Why do we need an Office Refurbishment?

There are many reasons that a business should ensure that its offices always look fresh and it’s not all about the Clients.
It is true that Fresh contemporary offices do impress Clients and make them feel secure in their purchase if an office is bright, crisp, clean and contemporary and representative of the business they are purchasing from, however it is important to remember your internal customers too – Your Staff. …A nice working environment improves productivity – studies have proved it!
I remember learning at School about a study completed on an office block where they increased the lux level of the lighting to see if it improved productivity, this working environment helped improve productivity because the environment was made more suitable and the management were finally paying some attention to the staffs working environment.
C and S ltd have refurbished over half a million sq ft of Office Space in the last Couple of years and we have many more projects planned for this year.
C and S ltd would be delighted to assist you in your Office plans to make your working environment a better place for your team.

Please give us a call and we can help you to improve the productivity of your workforce and help with consumer