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When is it the right time to move offices?

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There are many reasons for the need to move offices and it isn't always because you need more room.

Reasons for moving offices include:

Downsizing the company

Expanding the company

A move to be nearer to a main Client

To move to be nearer distribution facilities or manufacturing facilities

To move closer to where the business supply is- especially in times of recession

To save on costs, for example Office space costs by moving from a long lease building to a short lease building.

So the answer to the question 'When is it the right time to move offices?' can only be answered by analysing the business and deciding which of the reasons above would most suit a need to move.

If your business is considering moving, then C and S ltd can help with the Fit Out and Refurbishment. We specialise in helping our clients provide the right environment to suit their business and have been completing this for many clients, especially in and around London.


Please contact us if we can help you with your Office Move.