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The ever changing office environment.

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Do you remember the days when your filing cabinet was so full you had to push the drawers shut using the sole of your shoe, or the smell of stuffy paper when you walked into the office to begin your day… the wobbly desk that you would stick a beer mat under to keep your papers and phone from sliding of the desk and the computer screen that was so large it filled most of your desk?

No…you must be a lot younger than me!

These days the working environment has changed enormously, as has the way we all work.

How do you like to work?

From home – with the comfort you can ‘walk to work’?

From the office with the music blaring , sat on a bean bag, in an inspirational room?

From a segmented sound proofed office?

Everybody works differently so how can you design an office that caters for all of your employees needs?

Different roles and different people all have their own way of working. Some people like to work remotely from home, and come into the office occasionally. Some like to work with music in the background. Some like to work in a quiet environment with no distractions. Some staff have sensitive information on their screens that needs to be protected from other employees. Some like to work in a team. Some find inspiration from TV screens, bean bags and inspirational surroundings and some like to work whilst constantly eating or singing out-loud.

With so many different working methods…How can you accommodate everyone’s needs…The good news is that the ever changing world of technology allows our employees to work from almost anywhere.  But for those that have to work in an office, there are a number of reasons that support an argument for supplying an environment for them to work in, that not only makes them comfortable and more productive, but it will also help in terms of motivation and ultimately staff retention. As most of us know, it is a costly business to replace a good member of staff.

So what is the ideal working environment these days…The answer I believe is a mixture of all of these; communal working space, hot desks, inspirational meeting rooms, offices with privacy glass and an eating area for all the staff to enjoy their lunch breaks as a team, but the most successful offices that I have seen all appear to have one thing in common- they feel homely.

There are so many ways to create an inspirational office that you can motivate your team to want to come to the office on a regular basis and produce the results you are looking for just by adding a homely design and quality space planning to your offices.

We can take examples of this from the new serviced offices that are being fit out in London. They understand that their clients need a combination of working environments and have invested in both individual offices accompanied by business lounges, hot-desks, co working spaces, relaxing lounges and individual pods in an attempt to win the business of small and medium companies in London looking for office space that can accommodate the changing needs of its staff, whilst creating a homely look and feel.

Recent fit oust by CandSLtd demonstrates how serviced office provider i2 are adapting to their client’s needs and creating a much more homely feel to their serviced offices.

This is also reiterated by Central Working in their Crown Place site.  Here an interesting co-working space has been created, with a variety of feels to cater for individual tastes in terms of working.

If you are wondering if your staff could benefit from a more comfortable environment, then the answer is probably yes. Why not contact C and S Ltd for a review of your office and let’s see if we can help keep your team motivated.

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