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Planning an office refurbishment

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Deciding to relocate or refit your offices is no easy task.So we've put together a few points for you to consider when planning your new offices.

1) Make sure the timing suits the business - it is key that you ensure the move coincides with your quietest time in your business. If month end is a busy time for you - it is key to ensure all staff can operate during this time.

2) Get a designer involved that appreciates the work you do and the implications this has for an office design - not all business operate in the same way and many need extra storage facilities or excess data cabling. Every company is unique, so make sure the designer you are talking to appreciates this.

3) Ask the designer to sort out any potential planning and landlord issues to ensure the process runs smoothly.

4) Talk to an experienced Office refurbishment company, such as C and S ltd, that have completed many refits in an environment similar to yours and ask them for a programme to ensure you can work to dates that suit your business.

5) Plan, Plan and Plan again...make sure that all your staff are aware of the plan and what is expected of them and when. You will need to communicate how they can use their new working environment and how working conditions will change throughout the refurbishment.

6) Think about logistics - Is it better for everyone to work from home whilst the Office fitout is being completed - This is especially a big consideration if the Office Refurbishment is in London.

7) Once you have a programme and a plan for your Office refurbishment/Office move then you can leave it up to the Contractors, C and S ltd to provide you with a turn key office fitout that will suit your needs...We are good at it and have completed it for many different clients in the past.


Office moves and refurbishment is an important time in terms of logisitics for any company so make sure you use a company that you are confident can deliver your vision. Be creative and practical and create a working environment that promotes your business both to your staff and to your clients.


Remember an office fit out helps retain both Staff and what are you waiting for!!