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Landmark Spaces Flagship Offices in The City of London

After the fit-out of the landmark Space in Leeds; C & S Ltd had no time to reflect on another resounding success and had to rush back down the M1 to take on the challenge of fitting out 13,852 sq ft of office space to create Landmark Space's flagship serviced offices on the 1st Floor South of 200 Aldersgate in The City of London.

Prior to commencing works on site we had to achieve Landlords approvals on the M & E and sprinkler system designs and obviously the Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan. With BNP Paribas as the landlords this was no mean feat but with all that information in place and approved we were ready to go.

With partitions constructed of Soundproof boards and metal studs it was a pretty standard installation for us but with the ceilings coming in at a height of 3.8m from the finished floor it was no good installing a standard height doors which would have looked lost in the vast expanse of the partition wall. Instead the client opted for some bespoke door sets made from Cherry Wood which stood at an imposing 2.8m high which when installed looked perfect.Other installation disciplines included fire alarm, access control, CCTV, flooring and decorations.

Working in The City of London produces it's own unique challenges; with restrictive access, small loading areas and out of hours deliveries to name just a few of the elements that can make working in The City a logistical nightmare for some companies. But to C & S Ltd it's all becomes part and parcel of the working day; whatever obstacles or restrictions are put in our way, with forward planning and excellent on-site management we get over them and produce the quality of work our regular clients have come to expect.