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Landmark Spaces Serviced offices - 10 Lloyds Avenue, London

Whilst it may seem that we are always refurbishing or fitting out various offices, schools, dental surgeries or restaurants occasionally we do alterations to existing office interiors. This was a prime example of showing a client how he could save money.

The partitioning was already there it was just in thr wrong place! Having a background in office partitioning enables us to look at some projects in ways other London shopfitting contractors wouldn't. Remove the partition skirting, remove the partition door frame, remove the plasterboard and dispose of it. Take down the partition metal studs, remove the partition headtrack and voila it is all in its component pieces and ready to erect again, as new office partitioning in the correct place. This is exactly what we did, we struck all of the partitioning and put it up again in the new place - almost an office interior fit out by numbers, however all of the dots were joined together by an interior fit out specialist!