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Corian Dominated Hospital Fit Out

Bathroom refurbishments - it is hard to understand what a secure environment really is until you have worked in one. We have spent many, many years creating specialst interiors in this environment. A specialist interior contractor should be able to create any interior that they have been asked to do. I do not just mean that they can put up office partitioning or suspended ceilings, they should be able to adapt. At the Maudsley Hospital we refurbished block after block of secure bathrooms. Every aspect of these rooms is far removed from the standard room, the walls are all covered in corian, the shower and basin are all safer cell units, the suspended ceilings are all reinforced, the doors and door furniture is special. Let me focus on one item and try to explain why I believe that C&S Ltd is one of London's best shopfitters and why we can work in any environment - retail, leisure, office, restaurant and not just healthcare. Our skills are transferable. The corian bar top or counter in a restaurant is just corian to us and, as approved corian fitters we can deal with it the same as we deal with any other component in an interior fit out/refurbishment. Back to the corian... All of the wall surfaces have to be covered in corian, "big deal" I hear you say but let me explain the corian process because C&S Ltd were the first shopfitting contractors to work for this NHS trust who Knew what to do! First of all the back of the corian sheet is sanded to form a keyed surface. Then the corian sheet is stuck to a sheet of 12mm plywood, this corian and ply sandwich is then all trimmed to size. A groove is then cut into the ply and corian sandwich so that a corian tongue can be inserted between the corian sheet and its neighbour. All of the internal corners are fabricated from corian and are made by creating an internal radius. This means that all internal and external corners are formed with corian to ensure that there are no sharp edges etc. Once all of the off site corian fabrication has been carried out we take it to site and fix it. Starting with a pre formed corian internal corner we stick this to the wall, then we insert a corian tongue into the corian and ply sandwich, apply lots or corian adhesive and push the two corian components together. Either side of the corian seam we stick small pieces of corian and across the corian blocks we apply clamps to bring the corian joint together. This process is applied to the corian sheets all around the room until the room has a number of vertical corian seams. Once the corian adhesive is fully cured it is sanded back to the face of the corian sheet and then the whole corian sheet is sanded back and finished to a matt finish. Around the bottom of the corian sheet we apply a corian drip bead to enable the flooring to cove up it. This corian drip bead is held on with stainless steel screws, which are then covered with a corian pellet, which is sanded down like the other corian.


In my book that is a specialist contractor carrying out a specialist finish in a special interior which started life as a room with partitions and ceilings! This is why C&S ltd is one of London's best shofitting contractors whatever the environment- healthcare, retail, education, office or industrial.